Ốp lưng Iphone8 plus loại chống shock ELECOM PM-A17LZEROTCR



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6 shock absorbing structures

A ZEROSHOCK case for iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus that protects the iPhone from impact with 6 shock absorbing structures.

Place dampers on the four corners

Dampers are installed in the four corners where the greatest impact is expected to efficiently absorb the impact.

Soft and hard double layer design

A double-layer design is used that uses a soft material that is suitable for shock absorption and a hard material that wraps it from the outside.

Honeycomb structure inside the case

A honeycomb structure with high shock absorption efficiency is also used inside the case where the back of the main unit is in contact.

3-layer shock-absorbing LCD protective film


The 3-layer film absorbs impact and comes with a shock-absorbing film that protects the LCD screen from scratches and dirt.

Bubbles disappear over time

The film is an airless type that uses a special adsorption layer that makes air bubbles less noticeable over time.

Easy to apply and reapply

The film is a self-adsorption type with a silicone coating on the sticking surface. Since no adhesive or double-sided tape is used, it can be easily pasted and re-pasted without staining the main unit.

Connection and operation are possible with putting it on

You can check the LCD screen, operate the main unit, and connect the charging/communication cable while the case is attached.

With strap hole

Comes with a strap hole for attaching a strap to prevent falling.

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